- How can I see the product selling price? 如何看到產品售價?

Please login with your Seewoo user name and password to see the selling price.請登錄您的泗和行賬號,輸入賬號密碼,即可獲取價格信息。

If you do not have a Seewoo account, please open an account with us. 若您沒有泗和行賬戶,請聯繫我們開通賬戶。

- How to open an account with you? 如何開通賬戶?

If you want to open a business account with us, please download and fill in the application form and send it to info@seewoo.co.uk. We will review your detail and get back to you in 3 working days.若您需要開通賬戶,請下載並填寫申請表,發送至info@seewoo.co.uk,我們會審核您的申請並在三個工作日內聯繫您

- How can I find the product I want? 如何搜尋我想要的商品?

Please use the product search bar. You can search by product keyword or product code. 請在產品搜索欄輸入產品關鍵詞或商品代碼。

- I am a retail customer, am I able to purchase online?  我是零售顾客,能否在线上下单?

This website is designed for B2B customers. If you are a retail customer, please visit our retail website www.seewooexpress.co.uk.此網站僅對公司及企業開放。若您是零售顧客,請登錄我們的零售網站www.seewooexpress.co.uk下單。

- Do you have physical stores? 你們有實體店鋪嗎? 

Yes! We have two cash and carry in Greenwich, London and Glasgow. Our head office locates at park royal, London. Please see about us.我們在倫敦格林威治以及格拉斯哥分別有門店,我們的總部位於倫敦park royal區。更多信息请参见关于我们


If you have any further enquiry regarding opening an account, placing an order or our delivery service, please kindly email us via info@seewoo.co.uk,we will get back to you within 3 working days.

若您關於開通賬戶、下單或者送貨服務有任何疑問,請隨時聯繫我們 info@seewoo.co.uk ,我們收到後會在三個工作日內回复您,解答您的疑問。